Sunday, October 29th

Sunday, October 29th


A live sound meditation with the intention of creating a space where attendees, alongside guides, can collectively foster an objectless awareness, experiencing a kenotic self-emptying outpouring.

Through sensory and auditory immersion, we will be exploring nonduality, not as a temporary “stage” of consciousness brought about by a mystical experience, but rather as a shift in the structure of perception.  A shift that is not primarily about what one sees, but how one sees. It is not so much a new level of conscious attainment as a permanent shift in the structure of consciousness itself.

The meditation will take place at Play Collaborative Arts at 1018 S Santa Fe Ave in Los Angeles. Doors will open 10 minutes prior to start time and we will begin promptly at said start time. Please do not be late.

Please note:

  • All are welcome regardless of age.
  • Attendees are intended to lie down throughout the experience, however modifications can be made to accommodate different levels of needs/accessibility.
  •  Although this is an experience utilizing sound, we are able to provide alternate means of listening through bone conduction technology (conduction of sound to the inner ear through the bones of the skull)
  • There will be a restroom on site

If you have any further questions, email us at

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