Abide - Oakland

Abide - Oakland


Friday, February 23rd

Abide is an ongoing immersive installation utilizing live instrumentation, performance and generative artforms to explore entropy and nonduality.

Through sensory and auditory immersion, performers discard binary structure inviting audience members into their own attempt at a shift in perceptual structure.  Musicians and artists perform together creating a space where attendees, alongside performers, can collectively foster an objectless awareness, experiencing a kenotic self-emptying.

The experience will take place at The Flight Deck at 1540 Broadway in Oakland. Doors will open 10 minutes prior to start time and we will begin promptly at said start time. Please do not be late.

Please note:

  • All are welcome regardless of age.
  • Attendees are intended to lie down throughout the experience, however modifications can be made to accommodate different levels of needs/accessibility.
  • There will be a restroom on site

If you have any further questions, email us at members@screenshot.productions

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